Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Momma's Day!!

Happy Belated mother's day to all the AMAZING moms out there (including my own..who just so happens to be the BEST mom ever)!!!!

Yesterday was fantastic that I think everyday should be mother's day...I think it's become my new favorite holiday!!!

We started the day with brunch with my mother-in-law, hubs and boo.  Then we packed our bags, grabbed the pooch and headed on a hike / picnic.  The day was beautiful...warm and sunny with that 'early summer feel'.  We walked for a bit until we found a cute little secluded spot to sit and take a break.  Hubs surprised me with a bottle of champagne (shhhhhh....I'm not sure if this was really 'allowed'), food, and lots of presents.

And, Nathan isn't really drinking the champagne in this picture...mommy and daddy had already finished it at this point ;) 

We started out like this on our hike, but Nathan's decided he HATES being on the back of the ERGO.  Did I mention our child throws tantrums now??  Um, yeah, well he does...I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until he turned 2???

Then we had some playtime with daddy....which Nathan LOVES.  Boston loves it too....he's always there trying to get in on the action.  Poor puppy, he's been so jealous and craving attention since Nathan came along.

Look at those blue eyes...such a little keeper.

All in all, we had a great day.  It was our first real 'family day' since our move over a month ago...and it was waaaaayyyy past due.  It's nice to just spend some real time together just playing, laughing, and just being there, enjoying each other's company.  Made us feel like a real little family.

We finished the day with a BBQ, more wine, and more family time.  

Being a mom is like no other job I've ever had....and I hope that I'll be good at....afterall, I've got a great role model to try and emulate!!!

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