Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

I'm so flippin' happy it's finally Friday....minus the fact that I feel like I'm getting a cold and that I have to work tomorrow.  Wait, why am I so happy it's Friday again....???  That's right, I remember...Fridays are my excuse to have an extra bottle glass of wine.  Ah, Fridays I love you:)

Let's recap the week shall we...

ONE:  Where the heck is spring??  Like's getting ridiculous around here.  All of us over here at "Eye Love you" are getting a bad case of cabin fever.  I'm so sick of hats, mitts, boots, winter coats, blankets, snow pants etc etc.  I can't wait to throw on a pair of flip-flops and sunscreen for the kiddos and off we go!!!

TWO:  This week I finally decided to pamper myself and get a mani / pedi.  Truthfully, I needed an hour away from the kiddos to just relax and enjoy a hot latte in peace and quiet.   Seriously folks, pure heaven.  I'm thinking of making this some sort of tradition...anyone with me??

THREE:   Spring cleaning has officially begun (even though there's no real spring yet).  We've already completed the kitchen and laundry room.  Now, we just need some warmer weather to open all the windows and let that fresh spring smell inside.

FOUR: I signed up for Erin's 1800 minute challenge, for 2 months I'm fully committing to working out for 1800 minutes total.  #forreal #IhopeIdon'tfail.  But in all seriousness, this is exactly what I needed to step up my fitness level and get this post-baby body back into shape before bikini season.  I'm determined to look like I did pre-baby!!  #ain'tgonnahappenmama  

FIVE: These two little guys.  Can we just talk about how cute they are for a minute??  Okay, now that we're done talking about that, let's talk about how sick they are right now, shall we??  It sucks.  Blows. And I can't wait for them to be better.  Oh, and for spring to come too!!!! 

That's it for now folks:) 

Monday, March 24, 2014

5 'must have' products every new mom should own...

Now that Bennett has passed the 3 month mark (otherwise known as the 4th trimester), I've quickly learned how to adapt on very little sleep.  Although Bennett is an excellent little sleeper, there are nights that I am still up multiple times to either tend to the toddler or feed the babe.

I remember when I first brought Nathan home from the hospital, exhausted, overwhelmed, and hormonal you wonder if you are ever going to feel like your old self again.  And then you get a little glimpse of yourself in the mirror one day and you convince yourself that you will never look like your old self again either.

For me, it took a good 3-4 weeks the first time around to feel somewhat normal again and I think a little part of this had to do with making me look like my old self again.

So here are some necessities I've used to make me look and feel like my former childless self (well, at least a remanent of).

1. Dry Shampoo.  This one really is essential.  A lot of days after I first brought Nathan home I hardly had time to shower, let alone wash and blow-dry my thick, curly, hair.  Now, I always try and shower every day to make myself feel normal, but I only get to wash my hair twice per week.  Less if the baby is extra fussy.  I've tried a few different brands but I keep going back to this one by Dove.

2. A moisturizer, primer, foundation all-in-one product.  My favorite is Smashbox's BB cream.  You will be amazed at how well this product can help with those sleepless nights.  Your skin is likely dehydrated (hello, breastfeeding every 2 hours) and pale and this product will just give it that extra little bit of help it needs (all in one easy step...bonus!!).  Plus there's an added sunscreen as well....quadruple bonus!!

3. A good concealer.  This one relates to #2.  You will be shocked at how puffy and dark your under eye area will look after a few weeks with little to no sleep.  I'm really liking this concealer by Dior.  It's hydrating with just the right amount of coverage.  If I also need a little brightening I turn to touche eclat.  Pricy, but it works.

4. A good blush.  I chose this one because it can also act as a lip gloss as well as a blush.  It's creamy and dewy and just perfect.  My favorite is Orgasm (isn't everyone's??).  Throw this in the diaper bag and you're good to go.

5. A good undereye cream.  More help in the eye area (trust me on this one).  I don't typically use an eye cream on a daily basis, but this one is just perfect.  It helps with puffiness, it's anti-aging (not that I need anti-aging or anything.... #yeahright), and this particular one is brightening.  This takes 2 seconds to slap it on in the mornings and it works.

I hope these help someone else navigate through the those first few months of parenthood!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 Month update - Bennett

Here we are again, and I'm only a few days late with this one...I think I'm getting a little better about this whole blogging thing (it's only taken 2 years)!!!

It's crazy to think that 2 1/2 years ago I was writing a 3 month update about Nathan...crazy!!!

So, where to begin....

This month has been just as easy as the others...maybe even more so.  You are still a complete joy to be around.  Everyone you meet completely gushes over you and how good you are (well, except your baba but what does she know anyways...kidding).

No stats since your 2 month visit.  I'm guessing you weigh 16lbs or more by now.  You're a chunky guy, just like your brother.
Still in size 2 diapers.
Wearing 3-6 month clothes although you're starting to wear some 6-9 month stuff lately.

This month we implemented an actual bedtime instead of just keeping you with us until we go to bed.  Most nights you are asleep by 8:00.  Since evenings are still your fussy time and also the the time when you least like sleeping, I've been developing a bad habit of nursing you to sleep.  This will probably come back to bite me in the ass but as of right now it's the easiest (and fastest) way to knock you out.

We still swaddle you and turn on your sleep sheep every night.  You still sleep in your pack and play next to us.  Mama likes it this way at 4:00am.

Usually once you're asleep you wake between 3:00 and 5:00am for a quick feed and then you go right back down.  I'm literally only awake for 15-20 minutes max and I honestly don't even mind the wake-up one little bit.  Then you sleep again until around 7:00 when you're up for the day.

Usually you take one long nap per day (3ish hours).  There are usually at least 2-3 others in there that typically last for about 45  minutes.  Still no set schedule yet, which is fine by me.

We're still nursing and it's going great.  You're starting to go longer in between feeds.  Most times now you feed every 3 hours; sometimes sooner if you're fussy and you won't settle.  For those new moms out there...boob in mouth always works. trust me.

I hate pumping so I'm only doing it when absolutely necessary.  I started working a day and a half this month so unfortunately we've had to give you some bottles (And apparently you've made it very clear that you like your milk straight from the tap.

Likes and Dislikes
Still loving your swing.  You still have a love / hate relationship with being swaddled...understandably so.

This month you discovered that you love eating your hands.  Any chance you get those pudgy little fingers go directly in your mouth. #nomnom

Most of our "photo shoot" actually looked like this...
Bath time is now a big hit...especially when it's when your brother.  Speaking of, you LOVE your big brother.  We catch you staring at him just smiling away.  And I know he feels the same way about you too.  You already have a special relationship that will just continue to get stronger with time.

You still dislike evenings.  You are not a fan of bottles, although you will take them reluctantly.

You dislike loud noises.  Your eyes widen about 2 full inches when your brother runs around the house screaming.  

You also dislike tummy time but after looking back on pictures of Nathan at this age we realized that you're a little we're forcing you to like it.

For some reason you've been giving your baba (grandmother) a hard time and have been acting like a little cranky pants for her.  I think you just really miss your mommy when she's at work though (just a hunch).

We heard your first almost-giggle this month.  Sounds more like a "huh-huh" rather than a laugh but it is absolutely adorable.

Bennett, we all absolutely adore you and it seems hard to picture a time when you weren't around.  You've already made such an impact in your short little life and I can't wait to watch you grow (but not too fast please).

Monday, March 17, 2014

A green honor of St. Paddy's day

Since I'm quite old now and not indulging in green beer today, I still wanted to be a little festive and whip up a different kind of green drink.  This drink is perfectly healthy and won't leave you with a hangover the next morning (don't be fooled though, it's is not nearly as fun as green beer).

Most of you by now have either tried or seen a green smoothie but I thought I'd share my own take on how I make it.  Unfortunately a lot of the recipes I see around the net while healthy, are actually packed with extra calories and act more like a meal replacement rather than an afternoon beverage.  So here's one you can enjoy guilt free without giving up your dinner.

Here's all you will need.....

First I add 3/4 - 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk.  This particular one by silk is flavored with vanilla but still only has 35 calories for 1 cup.  

Next I add 2 huge handfuls of spinach and / or kale, whatever I usually have in the fridge at the time.  The blender is usually 3/4 full at this time.  Then I blend the mixture until the spinach / kale is nice and smooth.  

Next I'll throw in a 1/2 a banana (either fresh or frozen) and blend.  Then I'll throw in about a 1/2 cup of frozen fruit.  Again, whatever I have in the freezer at that time.  Today I used mango pieces.  The frozen fruit helps make the smoothie extra cold and a little creamier. 

Lastly I throw in about a scoop of protein powder and either flax or chia seeds for extra fiber and omega 3's.

Depending on the fruit you use, this smoothie probably has less than 200 calories total.  It's 100% healthy and very delicious!!!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

New look, New name

In honor of resurrecting the ol' blog, I decided that a new name and a new look were in order.  The lovely Erin from Love, Fun, and Football gave this blog a much needed make-over (Thanks Erin!!!).  It actually looks legit now!!! She also helped my sister, Renee, from So Fill Your Heart.

Also new around here is the name.  "Baby 'E' Makes 3" no longer applies since our family has grown to 4 (And likely stopping right there, thank you).  The 'Eye' is because my hubby and I are both optometrists, in case any of you were wondering.  And the remainder is because I love my little family:)

Anyways, I'm hoping the new look will inspire me to write a little more and document the things I want to remember 10 + years from now.  Hopefully, the kiddies can look back on these pictures and memories some day and appreciate our day to day adventures.  Afterall, that's why this blog was born.

I hope you all like it!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Snow day "activities"

Snow days with 2 little boys can be quite the challenge.  Especially this time of the year when the weather makes us think that spring is just around the corner...and then BOOM, here comes a foot of snow!!!

Nathan tends to go a little stir crazy cooped up in our house all day.  And now that his brother is around and demanding to nurse every 2-3 hours, coming up with "fun" activities is imperative to everyone's sanity.

Please note, these are  not your typical mommy-blogger ideas with tons of DIY crafts and pinterest-worthy pictures.  This is real life.

So, here are some ideas based on our snow day:

1. Allow the toddler to help you make cookies.  I will warn you however, toddlers lack the finesse it takes to maneuver around the kitchen, so there will be mess.  And lots of it.  So, if you're like my husband who cringes at the sight of any unnecessary spills, you may want to jump to #5.

2. Take advantage of the fact that you're stranded inside and practice potty training.  This one obviously will only apply if you have an almost 3 year old still in diapers.  Luckily, he's been doing A-Mazing and is 90% trained (more on that topic later).  This activity will in turn produce another snow-day-worthy activity....taking pictures of your toddler modeling his new "big boy undies".

3. Trick your toddler into thinking that cleaning the house is  Here's the thing about 2 & 3 year olds...they only want to do what they feel like they're not allowed to do.  So, you need to make them think that they are too young to clean the floors and then, VOILA, they're on their hands and knees faster than...well, I'll just go ahead and stop right there......

4. Find the nearest gym in your area that has a daycare center.  This one is a win-win for everyone.  The toddler can burn off some of that built-up energy, the infant doesn't need to leave his carseat (and doesn't really know what's going on anyways), and you get to burn off those 4 cookies you ate earlier extra calories. #sorrynotsorry

5.  Finish the day with a little bubbly / wine / beer / alcohol / whatever-helps-you-get-through-the-day-with-2-kiddies drink.  And then cross your fingers that spring will be here tomorrow and you will actually be able to leave the house again.  Oh, and enjoy another cookie. Again, #sorrynotsorry