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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We're back....

We're finally back from vacation.  And when I say "finally", I really mean "finally".  Our trip was a little er, interesting.  And when I say "interesting" , I really mean "awful".

We arrived in Florida last Saturday afternoon.  The weather was a little crappy that day so we just bought some groceries and settled into our condo for the evening.  That night around 3am, everyone was awoken by Nathan vomiting everywhere.  He snuck into our bed with a bucket nearby and literally barfed every hour.  The next day it seemed to be easing up a bit so we were all optimistic that this was just a 24 hour bug.  Um, yeah, not so much.  This so called 24 hour bug left him on Thursday....4 and a half days later.  I've never seen someone so little puke and shit so many times in the run of a day.  It was a nightmare.

Oh, and the best part of all of this was that he ever so kindly passed it on to the rest of us.  This meant we couldn't really venture too far from the condo cause most of us needed to be near a toilet at all times.  Fun times.

Anyways, I managed to snap a few pictures of some of our few "happy times" on our trip.

And here are a few of us at the wedding...which was gorgeous by the way...Most of us were sick here, but we're all still smiling:)

So, now we're just waiting for summer to come here in Ontario.  Which by the look of today seems very, very, very far away!!!

Oh's to happier times!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday / Already on Vacation

Hey everyone!!!  I hope everyone had a great week!  I'm a little late to the game this week so let's get right to it....

ONE:  First and foremost....we're leaving for Florida, scratch that, we leave for Florida in 5 hours. Vacation has officially started! Only a few short hours until I feel that warm sun on my face and sand in between my toes.  Ahhhhhh...

Today I spent a lot of time doing this.....

The hubs is forcing us all to pack "light"!  #yeahright.  He somehow expects us to fit all of Bennett's clothes and all of my stuff into this one little suitcase #aintgonnahappen.  I'll let ya know how that one turns out. 

TWO:  This week was my 3rd favorite person in the whole wide world's birthday.  haha.  Just joking sweetie pie:)  The old man turned 33 on Tuesday.  Last weekend we celebrated with some friends and waaayyyy too much wine (this seems to be a recurring theme on this blog).  And Tuesday we kept it simple with just us family and pancakes in bed.

THREE:  I spent all day on Thursday suffering from mastitis.  I'll spare all of you non-nursing moms the gory details, but let's just say I felt awful.  I couldn't even make it into work.  Today I'm feeling much better....thank you universe.

FOUR: My husbands family is Jewish so this week we celebrated Passover with them.  It's one of our favorite Jewish holidays and it was so nice this year because Nathan was actually able to participate a little.  And it's always a good time when there's matzah balls and wine to be consumed #sorrynotsorry

FIVE:  This one actually ties in with #1.  In about 40 hours I'll be seeing the rest of my family...aka sister, brother in law and dad!!!  I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight!! #likeakidatchristmas
And I know everyone is equally pumped to see these little faces again!!

 That's it for now....Im not sure how much updating I'll be doing next week but be prepared for picture overload when I return.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Love

Happy Birthday to the man who makes me smile every single day.
I love you more than you probably know, and I love spending my life with you.

There is no one else I would rather travel with, make memories with, or fight with.
You have given me a wonderful life with 2 beautiful kids  
And I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you.

So, happy 33rd birthday old man!!! xxoo

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already!!!  This week seemed like it went by especially quickly for some reason.  Maybe it's because the weather has actually been "acting" like it's supposed to this time of year.  Or maybe it's because we leave for our Florida vacation in a week and there's still so much left to do (anyone else a procrastinator like myself??)

So, here are my 5 for the week:


Can we talk about sleep regression for a minute??  What is it about babies that at 4 months old they feel like they don't have to sleep anymore??  Bennett's nighttime sleep has seriously gone to shit lately.  And yes, I just said shit. It's that bad people.  What used to be a small, super quick, painless night feed has turned into multiple wake-ups and arguments between the hubs and I.  

But, then I actually wake up and see this little face and I can't help but smile.  Until he wakes me up again that is.

Can we also talk about how creepy my kid looks with his eyes still open while he's sleeping??  WTF??


I was so kindly reminded today by sister (on her blog that is) that yesterday was National Siblings Day.  Can I just stop for a second and let everyone know that I seriously have the best sister ever.  I really could not ask for anyone better.  Although we live kinda far apart I still consider her one of my best friends.  Oh, and she's an amazing babysitter too which also helps her awesomeness status!!!


I think I've finally perfected the perfect cookie.  It has seriously taken me about 24 recipes and 5lbs 2 years to come up with a recipe that we all LOVE.  It's not quite as healthy as I was hoping for (but in all seriousness, what perfect cookie ever is?) but it's chewy, soft, yummy and has all the right ingredients.

I'm hoping to share the recipe next week when I bake another batch.

This one, by the way, is the last one.  Scratch that,  it was the last one.


We finally finished Bennett's nursery this week.  The hubs painted these little book shelfs for his bedroom  this week...thank you pinterest for the idea.  We bought these spice racks at ikea over a year ago and finally put them up.  I'm hoping to do a post this week about his nursery so stay tuned.


I have the afternoon off today so I get to go for another run outside.  The weather is 16 degrees celcius...perfect running weather.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap / Spring is here!

Spring is finally here (hopefully to stay this time) and this weekend we took full advantage.  The weather reached a whopping 12 degrees Celsius (or just over 50 degrees Farinheight) was by far the nicest day so far this year.  And, it just so happened to be a Sunday, our favorite day of the week!!!  It was so nice that we actually woke up this morning looking a little burnt believe it or not!!!

Weekends lately have been fairly low key...mostly just doing family stuff, dinners in etc.  On Saturday we had friends come over for dinner and wine (waaaayyy too much wine might I add).  And Sunday we just spent the entire day outside.  We walked, we played, I ran, and we played some more.  We took Nathan and Bennett to the cutest little rustic playground, complete with a barn that you can actually play in.  I couldn't help but pull out the camera and snap some cute pics of the boys.

I finished this week off with some Jillian Michaels. haha.  I'm really not the "at home work-out DVD type" but I've heard good things about this one.  It's been pretty hard to find time to go to the gym lately now that I'm working more.  And with this new #1800minutechallenge  I decided I needed to up my game a little bit.  Plus I have to be in a bikini in less than 2 weeks so I'll do just about anything to get this "mom body" back into shape. #wishfulthinking

Anyways, that's about it for the recap.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I'm going to try and pick a day each week to try and recap my "mom body transformation".  So stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Favorite Newborn photos....

We're a little behind on this, but I finally received the pictures from Bennett's newborn photoshoot.  And let me tell you, they were worth the wait.

Our photographer was Terri from Terri Creechan Photography  and she did an amazing job.  If you know of anyone needing some photos in the Greater Toronto Area I would definitely recommend her.

Warning!!!  Picture overload...I had trouble choosing just a few, so I didn't:)

Wow!!  Can't believe that was over 3 months ago!!!

On another note, I started Erin's #1800minutechallenge today with a spin class.  If you want to sign up or learn a little more about, just click here for details!!  I'll be joining my sister (hopefully) for a weekly recap of our efforts!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

I'm so flippin' happy it's finally Friday....minus the fact that I feel like I'm getting a cold and that I have to work tomorrow.  Wait, why am I so happy it's Friday again....???  That's right, I remember...Fridays are my excuse to have an extra bottle glass of wine.  Ah, Fridays I love you:)

Let's recap the week shall we...

ONE:  Where the heck is spring??  Like's getting ridiculous around here.  All of us over here at "Eye Love you" are getting a bad case of cabin fever.  I'm so sick of hats, mitts, boots, winter coats, blankets, snow pants etc etc.  I can't wait to throw on a pair of flip-flops and sunscreen for the kiddos and off we go!!!

TWO:  This week I finally decided to pamper myself and get a mani / pedi.  Truthfully, I needed an hour away from the kiddos to just relax and enjoy a hot latte in peace and quiet.   Seriously folks, pure heaven.  I'm thinking of making this some sort of tradition...anyone with me??

THREE:   Spring cleaning has officially begun (even though there's no real spring yet).  We've already completed the kitchen and laundry room.  Now, we just need some warmer weather to open all the windows and let that fresh spring smell inside.

FOUR: I signed up for Erin's 1800 minute challenge, for 2 months I'm fully committing to working out for 1800 minutes total.  #forreal #IhopeIdon'tfail.  But in all seriousness, this is exactly what I needed to step up my fitness level and get this post-baby body back into shape before bikini season.  I'm determined to look like I did pre-baby!!  #ain'tgonnahappenmama  

FIVE: These two little guys.  Can we just talk about how cute they are for a minute??  Okay, now that we're done talking about that, let's talk about how sick they are right now, shall we??  It sucks.  Blows. And I can't wait for them to be better.  Oh, and for spring to come too!!!! 

That's it for now folks:)