Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We're back....

We're finally back from vacation.  And when I say "finally", I really mean "finally".  Our trip was a little er, interesting.  And when I say "interesting" , I really mean "awful".

We arrived in Florida last Saturday afternoon.  The weather was a little crappy that day so we just bought some groceries and settled into our condo for the evening.  That night around 3am, everyone was awoken by Nathan vomiting everywhere.  He snuck into our bed with a bucket nearby and literally barfed every hour.  The next day it seemed to be easing up a bit so we were all optimistic that this was just a 24 hour bug.  Um, yeah, not so much.  This so called 24 hour bug left him on Thursday....4 and a half days later.  I've never seen someone so little puke and shit so many times in the run of a day.  It was a nightmare.

Oh, and the best part of all of this was that he ever so kindly passed it on to the rest of us.  This meant we couldn't really venture too far from the condo cause most of us needed to be near a toilet at all times.  Fun times.

Anyways, I managed to snap a few pictures of some of our few "happy times" on our trip.

And here are a few of us at the wedding...which was gorgeous by the way...Most of us were sick here, but we're all still smiling:)

So, now we're just waiting for summer to come here in Ontario.  Which by the look of today seems very, very, very far away!!!

Oh's to happier times!!!

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