Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday / Already on Vacation

Hey everyone!!!  I hope everyone had a great week!  I'm a little late to the game this week so let's get right to it....

ONE:  First and foremost....we're leaving for Florida, scratch that, we leave for Florida in 5 hours. Vacation has officially started! Only a few short hours until I feel that warm sun on my face and sand in between my toes.  Ahhhhhh...

Today I spent a lot of time doing this.....

The hubs is forcing us all to pack "light"!  #yeahright.  He somehow expects us to fit all of Bennett's clothes and all of my stuff into this one little suitcase #aintgonnahappen.  I'll let ya know how that one turns out. 

TWO:  This week was my 3rd favorite person in the whole wide world's birthday.  haha.  Just joking sweetie pie:)  The old man turned 33 on Tuesday.  Last weekend we celebrated with some friends and waaayyyy too much wine (this seems to be a recurring theme on this blog).  And Tuesday we kept it simple with just us family and pancakes in bed.

THREE:  I spent all day on Thursday suffering from mastitis.  I'll spare all of you non-nursing moms the gory details, but let's just say I felt awful.  I couldn't even make it into work.  Today I'm feeling much better....thank you universe.

FOUR: My husbands family is Jewish so this week we celebrated Passover with them.  It's one of our favorite Jewish holidays and it was so nice this year because Nathan was actually able to participate a little.  And it's always a good time when there's matzah balls and wine to be consumed #sorrynotsorry

FIVE:  This one actually ties in with #1.  In about 40 hours I'll be seeing the rest of my family...aka sister, brother in law and dad!!!  I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight!! #likeakidatchristmas
And I know everyone is equally pumped to see these little faces again!!

 That's it for now....Im not sure how much updating I'll be doing next week but be prepared for picture overload when I return.

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