Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

First trip to the park...ever!!!!!!

Who knew a swing could make a 10 month old so happy???  Not mommy, that's for sure??  I honestly thought he was still a little young to take to a park, but boy was I wrong!!!  Nathan is usually pretty stingy with his giggles but he was seriously all laughs this day.

About a week ago we packed up the fam (nanny, mommy, daddy, Nathan and pooch) and took a trip to our local park.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day and it seemed like everyone and their grandmother was outside.  The park was beautiful...and it directly overlooked Lake Onatrio.  I can't wait to bring Nathan back in the summer when he's full on walking and he can actually go to the water park too (he has sorta started walking BTW but that's another post...eek) !!!

Here are some snapshots of the day.

Nanny liked the swings too!!!  haha

Overall, a great day and hopefully a preview for what this summer will look like!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daddy turns 31 (and Nathan is 10 months)

This week was Daddy's birthday.  We went out for dinner and drinks the previous night with friends (yay for babysitters)!!!  Then on the his actual birthday we had a low key celebration with his parents, my mom, us and our doggie.  Just a yummy BBQ and delicious cake.  It was so yummy that we decided to let Nathan dig in for a few bites.

Here we are after opening presents...(and yes, I do realize Nathan looks messy already!!!!)

Here's our very yummy cake....(and yes, I do realize that I accidentally put the #1 on backwards....apparently I was having a 'blonde day'.

And here we are after the first bite....looks a little skeptical.

And the skepticism lasted all of 5 seconds....."let's dig in guys...this s*#t is gooooood"!!!

The day also marked Nathan's 10 month birthday...what a cutie.  I'll do more on that post another time. We're off to have our last 'date night' while Nanny is still here to babysit!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

We're finally here......!!!!!!!!!!!

We've officially reached our destination....just outside of Toronto.  I've been so busy over the past couple of weeks unpacking, working (6 days per week...ugh!), looking for daycares, working (ugh!!), and trying to squeeze in every morsel of time with my Boo.  Needless to say, blogging has been forced to the bottom of my priorities.

So far things are great!!!  I love our new house (more on that later), I love our new neighborhood, and well, my job is okay for now.  It is just a locum right now so I'm just filling in for another optometrist for the next 4 months.  And hence, another task....find a job that will become permanent.

I just wanted to leave you with our last few days in British Columbia.....I miss it already.  The ocean, the views, our friends, etc etc.

WARNING...pic overload!!!!!

Up next, our new house, first pics at our park, and sleep issues (again)!!!!!!!!!!