Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daddy turns 31 (and Nathan is 10 months)

This week was Daddy's birthday.  We went out for dinner and drinks the previous night with friends (yay for babysitters)!!!  Then on the his actual birthday we had a low key celebration with his parents, my mom, us and our doggie.  Just a yummy BBQ and delicious cake.  It was so yummy that we decided to let Nathan dig in for a few bites.

Here we are after opening presents...(and yes, I do realize Nathan looks messy already!!!!)

Here's our very yummy cake....(and yes, I do realize that I accidentally put the #1 on backwards....apparently I was having a 'blonde day'.

And here we are after the first bite....looks a little skeptical.

And the skepticism lasted all of 5 seconds....."let's dig in guys...this s*#t is gooooood"!!!

The day also marked Nathan's 10 month birthday...what a cutie.  I'll do more on that post another time. We're off to have our last 'date night' while Nanny is still here to babysit!!!!!

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