Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

So far this holiday season has been really special.  Obviously now that we have Nathan it makes everything just a little more special and a little more magical.  I always love being around family this time of the year and I'm so glad we braved the multiple flights with Nathan to get here.

Christmas Eve we have a few traditions that we've done since my sister and I were little girls.  The first is opening a present on christmas eve.  We let Nathan open 2!!!!  The first was a book given to him by his nanny.  She recorded her voice so that whenever we open it, she will be the person reading it.  We all shed a tear watching the two of them cuddle on the couch.

The second present was Baby's first christmas ornament.  His favorite Auntie and Uncle gave this to him to open and hang on the tree.  I've hung mine on our tree for 30 years now.  

Next we put out most of our presents under the tree....we still kept a few special presents hidden until the next morning though.  

Then, we watched a christmas movie to get us in the mood while sipping on a few christmas drinks.  

My favorite present was watching Nathan's face while he was getting so much attention.  Best gift ever!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

First presents...

This weekend we had our annual "Holiday" party with all of our best friends.  Nothing fancy, just a little get together where we all bring food and appys and hang out for a night.  And of course an excuse to have a few too many glasses of wine.

It's very easy to tell we're all getting a little older and a little lamer.  Two years ago, we all played flip-cup and drank until we almost puked until 4am in the morning.  This year, we played 'Settlers' while sipping on a few drinks and everyone left at 12:30.  Yup, 12:30.  As a side note, Settlers is my new ADDICTION.  It's the best game I've played in a long time.

Wow, I'm old and dorky!!!!!

Well, we have amazing friends.  They each bought the best presents for Nathan to open.

The first is an electronic car by Fisher Price.  Basically the idea is you spin the top and it moves.  Nathan loves trying to crawl towards it.  The second is called the Sit to Stand Dancing Tower.  He can play with it now while sitting, then he can eventually stand up and dance on it in a few months.  So cute!!!!

On another note, we're heading home to Newfoundland tomorrow!!!!!!!!  I am so Freaking excited for Nathan's first xmas.  And, I'm even more excited to see my sister (what up Auntie..woop woop!!!??)  and my parents.  They haven't seen Nathan in a while so everyone's a little excited.

So next time I'll be updating from the East Coast.  Wish me luck on the airplane (No crying babies, please and thank you).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Photos

We decided not to go the professional route this year and instead asked a friend of ours to take some pics of us.  She is almost a pro so I figured it was kinda the same thing:)

I'll just get to the juicy stuff....

I LOVE this last pic.  He's just the cutest little Boo Bear I've ever seen!!! 

Merry Xmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's official.....

I've been breastfeeding / pumping free now for over a week.  I definitely have some mixed feelings about it, but overall I'm happy with my decision and glad to finally have my body back to myself.  I'm also proud of making it to my original goal of breastfeeding for 6 months.

I will miss the snuggle time with my Boo Bear and the times we've shared when it was just the two of us; that instant bond that only a mother and babe can understand.  I'll miss the convenience of  not having to worry about carrying around bottles, washing bottles, storing bottles, figuring out how many to take when we go out etc.  I'll miss knowing that my own body is solely responsible for his growth and his well-being.  I'll miss being able to eat however much I body was like a calorie-burning machine while I was breastfeeding.

I won't miss the time it takes to pump milk...especially at work.  I won't miss my staff walking in on me while I'm connected to the pump (yup, it is as embarrassing as it sounds).  I won't miss being the only one who can feed him, especially at 2am in the morning.  I won't miss leaking, engorgement, pumping and dumping, watching every bit of caffeine or alcohol I put in my body.  And I especially won't miss him fighting with me every time I tried to feed him for the last 2 months because he preferred having a bottle.

Breastfeeding has been one of the hardest but most rewarding things I've ever done.  And, I'm proud that I gave him the best start I was able to.

Now, bring on the wine.....hehe.

Cute family pic I just had to share!!!!!!!!