Monday, December 19, 2011

First presents...

This weekend we had our annual "Holiday" party with all of our best friends.  Nothing fancy, just a little get together where we all bring food and appys and hang out for a night.  And of course an excuse to have a few too many glasses of wine.

It's very easy to tell we're all getting a little older and a little lamer.  Two years ago, we all played flip-cup and drank until we almost puked until 4am in the morning.  This year, we played 'Settlers' while sipping on a few drinks and everyone left at 12:30.  Yup, 12:30.  As a side note, Settlers is my new ADDICTION.  It's the best game I've played in a long time.

Wow, I'm old and dorky!!!!!

Well, we have amazing friends.  They each bought the best presents for Nathan to open.

The first is an electronic car by Fisher Price.  Basically the idea is you spin the top and it moves.  Nathan loves trying to crawl towards it.  The second is called the Sit to Stand Dancing Tower.  He can play with it now while sitting, then he can eventually stand up and dance on it in a few months.  So cute!!!!

On another note, we're heading home to Newfoundland tomorrow!!!!!!!!  I am so Freaking excited for Nathan's first xmas.  And, I'm even more excited to see my sister (what up Auntie..woop woop!!!??)  and my parents.  They haven't seen Nathan in a while so everyone's a little excited.

So next time I'll be updating from the East Coast.  Wish me luck on the airplane (No crying babies, please and thank you).

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  1. I *love* Settlers. But my husband refuses to play it, so I always have to find other people to fulfill my Settlers craving... haha.