Friday, December 9, 2011

It's official.....

I've been breastfeeding / pumping free now for over a week.  I definitely have some mixed feelings about it, but overall I'm happy with my decision and glad to finally have my body back to myself.  I'm also proud of making it to my original goal of breastfeeding for 6 months.

I will miss the snuggle time with my Boo Bear and the times we've shared when it was just the two of us; that instant bond that only a mother and babe can understand.  I'll miss the convenience of  not having to worry about carrying around bottles, washing bottles, storing bottles, figuring out how many to take when we go out etc.  I'll miss knowing that my own body is solely responsible for his growth and his well-being.  I'll miss being able to eat however much I body was like a calorie-burning machine while I was breastfeeding.

I won't miss the time it takes to pump milk...especially at work.  I won't miss my staff walking in on me while I'm connected to the pump (yup, it is as embarrassing as it sounds).  I won't miss being the only one who can feed him, especially at 2am in the morning.  I won't miss leaking, engorgement, pumping and dumping, watching every bit of caffeine or alcohol I put in my body.  And I especially won't miss him fighting with me every time I tried to feed him for the last 2 months because he preferred having a bottle.

Breastfeeding has been one of the hardest but most rewarding things I've ever done.  And, I'm proud that I gave him the best start I was able to.

Now, bring on the wine.....hehe.

Cute family pic I just had to share!!!!!!!!

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  1. I've been following your struggles on thebump since they were so like my own. You should be really proud of how long you made it- nursing strikes are so frustrating! I simultaneously miss breastfeeding and feel happy that I don't have to stress about it anymore. Enjoy the wine! ;)