Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already!!!  This week seemed like it went by especially quickly for some reason.  Maybe it's because the weather has actually been "acting" like it's supposed to this time of year.  Or maybe it's because we leave for our Florida vacation in a week and there's still so much left to do (anyone else a procrastinator like myself??)

So, here are my 5 for the week:


Can we talk about sleep regression for a minute??  What is it about babies that at 4 months old they feel like they don't have to sleep anymore??  Bennett's nighttime sleep has seriously gone to shit lately.  And yes, I just said shit. It's that bad people.  What used to be a small, super quick, painless night feed has turned into multiple wake-ups and arguments between the hubs and I.  

But, then I actually wake up and see this little face and I can't help but smile.  Until he wakes me up again that is.

Can we also talk about how creepy my kid looks with his eyes still open while he's sleeping??  WTF??


I was so kindly reminded today by sister (on her blog that is) that yesterday was National Siblings Day.  Can I just stop for a second and let everyone know that I seriously have the best sister ever.  I really could not ask for anyone better.  Although we live kinda far apart I still consider her one of my best friends.  Oh, and she's an amazing babysitter too which also helps her awesomeness status!!!


I think I've finally perfected the perfect cookie.  It has seriously taken me about 24 recipes and 5lbs 2 years to come up with a recipe that we all LOVE.  It's not quite as healthy as I was hoping for (but in all seriousness, what perfect cookie ever is?) but it's chewy, soft, yummy and has all the right ingredients.

I'm hoping to share the recipe next week when I bake another batch.

This one, by the way, is the last one.  Scratch that,  it was the last one.


We finally finished Bennett's nursery this week.  The hubs painted these little book shelfs for his bedroom  this week...thank you pinterest for the idea.  We bought these spice racks at ikea over a year ago and finally put them up.  I'm hoping to do a post this week about his nursery so stay tuned.


I have the afternoon off today so I get to go for another run outside.  The weather is 16 degrees celcius...perfect running weather.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

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