Monday, March 24, 2014

5 'must have' products every new mom should own...

Now that Bennett has passed the 3 month mark (otherwise known as the 4th trimester), I've quickly learned how to adapt on very little sleep.  Although Bennett is an excellent little sleeper, there are nights that I am still up multiple times to either tend to the toddler or feed the babe.

I remember when I first brought Nathan home from the hospital, exhausted, overwhelmed, and hormonal you wonder if you are ever going to feel like your old self again.  And then you get a little glimpse of yourself in the mirror one day and you convince yourself that you will never look like your old self again either.

For me, it took a good 3-4 weeks the first time around to feel somewhat normal again and I think a little part of this had to do with making me look like my old self again.

So here are some necessities I've used to make me look and feel like my former childless self (well, at least a remanent of).

1. Dry Shampoo.  This one really is essential.  A lot of days after I first brought Nathan home I hardly had time to shower, let alone wash and blow-dry my thick, curly, hair.  Now, I always try and shower every day to make myself feel normal, but I only get to wash my hair twice per week.  Less if the baby is extra fussy.  I've tried a few different brands but I keep going back to this one by Dove.

2. A moisturizer, primer, foundation all-in-one product.  My favorite is Smashbox's BB cream.  You will be amazed at how well this product can help with those sleepless nights.  Your skin is likely dehydrated (hello, breastfeeding every 2 hours) and pale and this product will just give it that extra little bit of help it needs (all in one easy step...bonus!!).  Plus there's an added sunscreen as well....quadruple bonus!!

3. A good concealer.  This one relates to #2.  You will be shocked at how puffy and dark your under eye area will look after a few weeks with little to no sleep.  I'm really liking this concealer by Dior.  It's hydrating with just the right amount of coverage.  If I also need a little brightening I turn to touche eclat.  Pricy, but it works.

4. A good blush.  I chose this one because it can also act as a lip gloss as well as a blush.  It's creamy and dewy and just perfect.  My favorite is Orgasm (isn't everyone's??).  Throw this in the diaper bag and you're good to go.

5. A good undereye cream.  More help in the eye area (trust me on this one).  I don't typically use an eye cream on a daily basis, but this one is just perfect.  It helps with puffiness, it's anti-aging (not that I need anti-aging or anything.... #yeahright), and this particular one is brightening.  This takes 2 seconds to slap it on in the mornings and it works.

I hope these help someone else navigate through the those first few months of parenthood!!!!

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