Monday, May 7, 2012

Favorite things 0-4 months

I've been meaning to write these posts for a while, but something always seems to get in the way (namely, my procrastination).

When I was pregnant I always loved reading these posts and I found they helped me soooooo much.  There are so many products out there to choose from that it's so hard to know what to spend your money on.  So, here goes.....

My top recommendation is....lots of swaddle blankets.  Nathan was a pretty tricky baby as a newborn and he didn't like to sleep very much (he's still a little tricky when it comes to sleep).  These swaddle blankets seriously saved our sanity during those first few months.  I loved the Aden and Anais blankets but after a while he started to break out of these so we switched primarily to the swaddles with velcro.  We still use the Halo sleep sack for him and love it.

My second favorite baby item is this "My Little Lamb Swing" by Fisher price.  Nathan slept A LOT in this thing.  It seemed like for a while he would only take his naps here.

I don't think we would've survived those first few months without a baby carrier...and more specifically, the baby bjorn.  For this age I found the bjorn the best, and Nathan seemed to love it the most too.  I tried the Ergo and the moby wrap as well but much preferred the bjorn.  The Ergo is great once they're a little bigger (and we still use it and love it).

For my stroller rec, we went with the Bumbleride Indie...again, another favorite of mine.  We still use this stroller for everything.  It's a great all-around stroller, especially if you're active like we are.  I run, hike, SHOP, walk, (shop some more), in this thing.  I love that it's not too heavy like some of the other jogging strollers and it fully reclines so it's great for him with or without his car seat.

Next up, some sort of reclining bathtub that can fit in your sink.  I had a c-section so the last thing I wanted to do those first few weeks was bend over and bathe N in a big bathtub.

This was probably our favorite "toy" at the beginning...some sort of activity mat.  We took this thing EVERYWHERE.  Whenever we travelled or went to a friends house, we lugged this thing along.  At first he just loved looking at everything (including himself in the mirror), but once he started reaching for things he loved it even more.  We did A LOT of tummy time on this thing too.

And here is the infamous Sophie...and yes fellow bloggers and mommas, it really is worth the $20.  Nathan loved this thing. 

Another favorite that I would HIGHLY recommend is a glider.  We still use ours every night as part of our bedtime routine and during those first few months, it really was a must.  I spent countless hours breastfeeding and rocking this little guy to sleep.  He loves it and we love it.  We have one by Dutalier.

Other favorites:
Binky or pacifier..Nathan love the avent ones
Medela pump in style advanced breast pump
Pack n' play...we used this at the beginning when he slept in our room and now we still use it when we travel
Breast feeding pillow (I used the my breast friend and loved it)

That's all I can think of for now.

Wow, all of these old pics are just reminding me of how fast Nathan is growing....can you believe he's almost 11 months??...geez!!!!

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