Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday planning

Our invites arrived today for Nathan's first birthday party.  They are so flippin cute.  We ordered them from  They came pretty quickly (which is nice considering I'm such a procrastinator), they were fairly inexpensive, and very good quality.
And look how cute they are???................

I realize he's nowhere even close to being ONE in this picture, but it's honestly one of my favorites.  His smile, his teeth, his eyes, everything about this pic makes my heart melt.

This is about the only thing organized for the Nate-dog's birthday.  So far I know that it will be fairly low key with mostly family and close friends....we just moved to the area afterall and we don't really know a lot of people here yet. 

The day is also MY BIRTHDAY (let's not forget about that people), and it also happens to be father's day.  So, basically hubs and I are getting screwed out of our "special day" because Nathan will be getting all of the attention.  It's okay though, I'm so excited for his birthday that I really could care less.

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