Wednesday, May 23, 2012

11 Month Post

So, I'm a little late...again!!!  This post has been written for a while (in my defense), but our little man is so freakin active that I can't find any good pictures of him anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I love any pics of my little dude, but I would love to see him sitting still and smiling for once.

Pictures these days look something like this....

Maybe he's just waiting to be photogenic for his photoshoot in a couple of weeks.  Somehow, I doubt it...if his one year shoot is anything like his newborn, we're in trouble.

So, let's begin anyways.

Okay, so I am officially freaking ONE MONTH my little 'baby' will be 1....and then, he becomes what exactly....a toddler???...eek!!!!!!!

Today, Nathan you are 11 months old.  And you are changing so fast that we can hardly keep up.

This month you popped 4 more teeth.  This has been the month of teething.  I can see another 2 on the way as well.  We can always tell when another tooth is coming because it wakes you up in the middle of the night.  You usually don't require very much...usually just a little cuddle or reassurance that we're still here (don't worry my love, we're not going anywhere).

This month you also started daycare.  We're trying an in-home daycare at the seem to like it.  So far there are four of you there playing away side by side.  The only tricky part of daycare is that you only get one nap.  That means that you're a little grouchy pants when I pick you up after work.  But don't worry, we still love you, even when you're whining and crying because you want to play in the dogbowl and we won't let you.

This month you are full-on walking.  You still walk like frankestein (think hands held in the air but not quite as creepy) but you've definitely become more proficient.  You also want to walk EVERYWHERE.  So much so, that you've had your first few tantrums this month (in public might I add).  You DO NOT like being confined to a stroller anymore or even in mommy's're independent and you certainly let us know it.

You also started waving "hi" this month (well, towards the end of the month)....Mommy has been waiting a long time for this milestone.  And let me tell you, it has been worth the wait.  The way you wave your little chubby hands back and forth is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen.  Clapping is a very close second.  This month you clap for everything.....

Yay, you just waved...clap, clap.  
Yay, listen to the music...clap, clap.  
Yay, you can dance....clap, clap.  
Yay, give mommy kisses....clap, clap.  
Yay, you just climbed inside the dishwasher...clap, clap!!!!  (and yes, this one happens on a somewhat daily basis).

So this is the closest thing to a smiley / still pic that we're gonna get...sigh.  But, it's still super cute.

Nathan, words cannot express how much your Daddy and I love you.  We love everything about you...including the good and the "you're being a little too difficult right now and I kinda wanna rip my eyes out".

Your Daddy and I finally know the meaning of "unconditional love" now that you're a part of our lives. It's cliche but true.

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