About us

Hi there!!!  I'm Lesley.

Let me introduce you to the gang over here at "Eye Love You"....

First off, you'll likely be seeing a lot of me...the blondish girl on the right.  I'm a part time optometrist and author (I use that word loosely) of "Eye Love You", a lifestyle blog focusing on being a mommy.  

You'll also be seeing the hubs, the cutie on the left, also known as Justin.  We met in optometry school back in 2004, married in 2010, and became parents in 2011....
First came this little dude on June 15, 2011...otherwise known as Nathan.  He's cute, smart, stubborn, and 100% boy.

Next up, you'll meet Bennett, born December 17, 2013.  He's pretty new around here but so far he's got quite the little personality...chill, laid back, and a great sleeper:)

Here's a little about me.....

I can't DIY...although I may try from time to time
I'm not a great cook...although I love to write about all of my attempts
I'm not a fashion guru or a beauty expert....but I'll likely go broke trying to be

I will however, try and share with you everything that makes me happy...I hope you'll stick around for it!!!