Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Week....

This week has been a biggie for our Mr. Boo Bear.

He's learned to consistently stand on his own with perfect balance while holding something interesting with both hands (and no furniture).

He took his first step....don't get too excited...I seriously think it was more of a "I'm falling and I'm going to catch myself" rather than a "I want to walk over there".  But hey, still a serious milestone none the less.

And lastly, he CLAPPED tonight!!!  Yay!!!!!!!  Mommy has been clapping like an idiot for the past few weeks waiting for him to catch on!!!  And guess what!???  It was worth looking like a goof ball to see his face while he was doing it!!

Whew!!  What a crazy week!!!  And poor daddy missed the whole thing!!!!  He's still at our old house in British Columbia while we're here in Toronto!!!  We can't wait to show him all of our new tricks in a few days:)

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