Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lately, it's been pretty hectic.  We've been spending our days between working and playing with Nathan and our evenings packing, packing, and then doing some more packing.  

Hopefully, this will be our last big move because I honestly hate it.  It's time consuming, stressful, and just an all around annoyance.  Not to mention the fact that we're living off the bare minimum right now.  Nathan is down to 3-4 toys and we're living out of suitcases.  The moving truck isn't coming until next week but we're away in WHISTLER (more on that later) in a few days so everything has to be ready to go by Friday.

Our office has literally been taken over by boxes......

Can you spot the baby???

Here I am...I like my new playground mommy!!!!!

It's weird to think that almost everything we've accumulated over the last 4 years can be crammed into an office.  

Speaking of Whistler.....I'm so excited.  Five full days of skiing, snowshoeing (hopefully), hot tubs, beer, and playing with Nathan.  Sounds like heaven.  Only thing missing is a white sandy beach somewhere!!  haha.  

So, I'll probably be MIA over the next week or so but will have lots of updates after our mini vacation!!!!

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