Friday, March 23, 2012

Whistler Vacation

This past weekend we joined some friends and made the trek to Whistler.  For those of you that have been, you already know that it may quite possibly be the best ski resort in all of North America (and trust me, I've been to quite a few).  For those of you that haven't had this!!!  haha.  Seriously though, it may just be one of my favorite places ever, and this weekend didn't disappoint.

Whistler (along with Vancouver) was also just recently the home of the 2010 winter olympics, which luckily my hubs and I were fortunate enough to go and see.

One of my best friends just found out she's pregnant so she decided she didn't want to ski (congrats lady!!!!!) so she offered to be our babysitter for the weekend.   I literally felt so bad for her...everything that involved 'fun' she couldn't really, snowboard, hot tub, booze etc etc.  Plus she was suffering from morning sickness while we were there which was also NOT fun.  This, by the way, has deterred me from becoming pregnant again anytime soon...FYI!!!

We spent 5 days and 4 nights there.  I only skiied two days and got to hang with my little Boo for the rest of the time.

The other days were spent lounging, playing in the snow, shopping, and sight seeing.  Whistler has a little something for everyone. 

Nathan wasn't quite sure what to make of all this 'fluffy stuff'.  I mean, it's cold, he was dressed like a little puff ball, and he couldn't really crawl around and explore in the stuff.


Yeah, these guys are crazy.  

Best snowman ever!!!

Overall, the weekend was fantastic.  I'm truly going to miss it here in British Columbia.

Next up, THE BIG MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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