Monday, March 19, 2012

Nine month post!!!

Dear Nathan,

This month we've seen you transition from an army crawling baby to a full crawling, cruising, pre-toddler.

Yay Daddy...I love playing 'silly' with you:)

Your personality is starting to bloom and let's just say you're a lot like your daddy....Stubborn, demanding, confident, smart and totally loveable!! You certainly have your mommy's cheeks, hair, and nose, but your personality is all your dads.

Your big pudgy belly is slowly starting to disappear (you're still a chunker, don't get me wrong) but your cheeks seem like they're here to stay. People are constantly commenting on them. We also hear lots of compliments on those big blue eyes of yours. They really are incredible and we think they're your best feature.

You love talking to us. This month we are hearing all sorts of crazy sounds coming out of that mouth of yours. Speaking of mouths, you still only have 2 teeth. We've been patiently waiting for more to arrive for weeks now. I'm sure they're waiting for a special occasion to make their appearance.

You are still a food eating machine.  You are drinking 3 seven ounce bottles per day and having 3 solid meals per day.  You love real food so much that you will literally eat until you throw up (luckily mommy and daddy have only let this happen once...thank god;)

Firsts this month....

First birthday had so much fun...especially when mommy let you eat whatever you wanted!!!

We bought you your FIRST SNOWBOARD!!!!  I don't think you will ever use it, but the thought is there.

First time you stood all by yourself without any furniture.  I'd say you are up to about 10 seconds now:)

First time you've stumbled down the stairs.  This one is totally daddy's fault.  He wasn't watching you and you beat him to it.  Luckily, there were only a few stairs and it ended on fluffy carpet.  We seriously need to get our asses in gear and baby proof.

(We're starting to sound like horrible parents aren't we.............????) 

Don't worry Boo Bear, we will never let anything bad happen to you.  You are literally our everything.

Mommy and Daddy

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