Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy 8 months Boo Bear!!!

Wow.  Today you are officially 8 months old.  8 months ago today I was in a hospital bed wondering if you were ever going to come out and meet us (you seemed to like mommy's belly a lot).   8 months ago today I was the most nervous and most excited I've ever been.  8 months ago today our lives completely changed.

This month was a big one for milestones.

Your biggest accomplishment this month was that you learned how to pull yourself up to standing.  This was a biggie for you and mommy.  Now, you can really get into everything.

You've also learned how to feed our dog....and for that, you've become his new best friend.

Your love affair with food continues to get stronger.........

You love exploring new things.  Your new favorite 'toys' are Boston's dog bowls and the dirt in our plant.

This month you've also perfected your pincer grasp.  We've been giving you tons of practice with all the new finger foods you've been trying.  You love to feed yourself.  Blueberries have become your new favorite.

You're still a chunker.  Last time we weighed you you were almost 23 lbs.

You're still a great little sleeper.  You do have the occasional nighttime wake-up, but we just give you your pacifier and you go right back down.  You usually have 3 naps a day, one 1 hour nap, a 1.5 hour nap, and a little catnap before dinner.

You've started playing games with mommy and daddy this month.  You love peek-a-boo...especially when you're the one hiding.  You've also discovered that if I open my month you can put something in it (and then you just completely crack up...that one's your favorite).

You've learned how to 'real crawl' this month.  Although you still prefer your army crawl if you have to go anywhere important.

You are growing so fast my little boo bear.  xo

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