Thursday, January 12, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Dear Nathan,

Here are a list of your favorite order.

1) Your bottle.  You are officially obsessed.  You will take your bottle anytime, day or night, full or hungry, happy or sad.  Your little feet kick and you make this cute little whine whenever you see it.

2) Your pureed baby food.  Same idea, you kick and whine whenever we put you in your high chair to be fed.  Your daddy and I call you a little chicken because whenever there's food around you open your little mouth so eagerly.

3) Mommy and Daddy's food (see a pattern here????).  Mommy and Daddy can't eat anything anymore without that little whine of yours.

4) Your mommy and Daddy (maybe your mommy a little more than your daddy..hehe)

5) Anything that looks like a toy, but that's not really your toy.  ie remote, our watches, cell phones, ipad, monitor, dog bone (you read that right) etc.

6) Bath time:)  You're most pleasant time of the day is when you can splash around.

Things you HATE:

1) Being tired.  You're a real PIA when you're sleepy.

2) Lack of attention from your mommy or daddy.

3) Having your face washed.  You're starting to detest this.  As soon as you see me coming with a cloth you start pouting.

4) Naps...still a sleep fighter.

xoxo Big guy:)  Love, Mommy and Daddy!!!

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