Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Month Post...

I know I always start these posts with "Where has the time gone".....but seriously, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???!!!!!!!  How is it that you are already 7 months old already??

7 Month Stats...
Weight: 21 lbs 8're a little chunker.  85th-97th percentile.
Height: 27".  50th percentile
Head size:  97th percentile.

You can move around faster now.  Not quite a 'true' crawl yet, but a fast army crawl.  You are also doing some yoga poses lately and I can't wait to finally snap a picture of your downward dog!!  haha.

You can say everything BUT 'mama'.  'Dada' is probably your favorite thing to say.

You are eating 2 solid meals per day.  Your first meal is always oatmeal cereal with banana.  Dinnertime is usually a veggie and fruit, or 2 veggies.  We just started pureeing, yeah...yuck!  Chicken should stay whole.  This week we're going to start lunch as well. yummy!!!!!

You are becoming more lovable by the minute.  I love it that you can hold your hands out to show me you want to come up.  Or you reach for me when you're a little upset.  I love it and HATE it that you cried for me when I went to work the other day.  It broke and melted my heart all at the same time:)

It's so cliche but I can't imagine loving anything more.

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