Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm one clueless mama sometimes

I feel like I still can't decipher why Nathan is crying.  I do know it's for one of 3 reasons....

1) Tired
2) Hungry
3) Bored

He has never fussed because of a wet or dirty diaper, gas, being too hot or cold etc etc.

It's so freaking hard sometimes.  I always feel like I'm misreading his cues.  I've tried the E.A.S.Y. method but it never seems to work.  He's such a little cat-napper and will rarely sleep for over 45 minutes.

Our routine usually goes like this...he fusses, I rock him, he still fusses, I shove a bottle in him.  (haha..this is obviously an exaggeration, people!!!!).  

I'm hoping once he's a little older and in more of a routine it will become easier (it will, right???).

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