Monday, November 14, 2011

3 years ago today.....

 I said yes to a very important question....'Will You Marry Me'?? 

Here we are on a horse and carriage ride the night we got engaged!

And, 5 years ago today....we also gave each other our first kiss.  Completely unexpected since we were 'just friends' up until this point.  Always a little flirty with each other but things were always completely platonic.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I kissed him back and that 2 years later I said 'yes'!!!!!  And now, 5 years later we have our little bundle of joy... perfect squishy combination of both of us!!!

One of our wedding photos

Here we are on our very first vacation together.  We went skiing in Vermont.
And here's one of my favorite engagement photos!

 I can honestly say I love him more today than I ever have.  Even though we fight (and lets face it, we fight a lot..haha), our relationship is perfectly balanced.   We're complete opposite of each other, yet so much alike....and we make cute babies:)

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