Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exercise rut!!!

Since week 6 pp I've been given the all-okay to start exercising again.  Once I hit week 25 in my pregnancy I stopped all forms of exercise except walking our dog (he's a crazy boxer puppy and needs one long walk daily).  I complained so much about not being able to run anymore and couldn't wait for the day to get back at it.  Well it's been 3 months now and I've been on ONE run thus far.  For some reason I can't seem to muster up any motivation.  Any ideas???

I think part of the reason is that I lost the baby weight WAY sooner than expected.  Within 2 weeks I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and even fitting into some of my regular clothes.  My goal was for this to happen within 2 months.  Within 2 months, I was back into all of my clothes and even started sporting a 2 piece!!!!  My goal for this was 5 months.  I know, I know, I've been very lucky.  I 100% contribute this to Breastfeeding if anyone is looking for motivation to continue when it starts getting tough.

The only thing I'm not liking about my body right now are my huge milk jugs boobs.  I can't wait for them to return to normal human size.  I'm a petite 5"2, 110 lbs woman; these double D's don't look quite right.

Here are some pics of us a few weeks ago at the beach.  It was Nathan's first 'dip' in the water.

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