Monday, January 20, 2014

One Month Post

Time is flying by.  Like seriously flying.  Even more so now that I have 2 kids.  Bennett is ONE month old already.  You almost forget how much things can change from month to month with a newborn baby.

Unfortunately I really don't have any one month stats.  We brought Bennett to the doctor when he was 4 days old and he was already almost at his birth weight (9"13).  Apparently I make big babies and I can grow big babies (no shortage of food around here)!!!  So, his doctor was completely comfortable with his next appt being at 2 months unless there are any issues or concerns.

I can tell you that he is growing like a weed and chunking up nicely though.  He has completely outgrown all his newborn clothes and many of his 0-3 month stuff already.

Sleep so far has been good (touch wood).  He's consistently giving us 3-5 hour chunks at night and napping well during the day.  The kid sleeps A LOT.  Much more than his brother ever did (thank goodness).  He has been a little difficult to put to sleep at night time but once he's asleep, he's good.

Eating has also been good this month.  Breastfeeding this time around is 1000 percent better.  I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's me, maybe it's him, (likely it's a combination) but things are easier.  I'm not sore anymore, feeding has never been really painful, and I'm never super engorged and uncomfortable. I'll spare you the details of my experience last time, but let's just say Nathan left me with some permanent scars memories.  Looking back, I'm not sure how I lasted for 6 months.

 Likes and Dislikes
His main interest right now... Food.  The kid likes to eat.  He also likes his swing, being swaddled, and being held.  He also LOVES to grunt.  I seriously had forgotten how many weird noises newborns make.  He grunts when he sleeps, when he farts, when he poops, before he's ready to eat (and you get the picture).

Diaper changes were a no-go up until recently.  Now he reluctantly tolerates them without screaming his face off.

Baths are also becoming a little more tolerable long as he's warm, he's okay.

Falling asleep at 10:30pm is painful for some reason.  Again, more grunting at this point.

Because this kid has been relatively easy going (I'm going to jinx myself, aren't I??) we've been able to take him everywhere...

First trip to the aquarium.  Bennett, while your brother enjoyed the shark tank, you enjoyed sleeping.
First trip to the mall.  While your mama enjoyed shopping, you enjoyed sleeping.
First hockey game.  While your family enjoyed popcorn and beverages, you enjoyed sleeping.
First fancy dinner out.  While we enjoyed nice wine and food, you enjoyed sleeping.

Well, You get the picture!

Things this time around are so much more enjoyable.  Being a first time mom is stressful and hard.  This time around I feel more comfortable / confident or something.  The hard part this time is juggling 2 kids while trying not losing my shit on anyone (hubby included).  It helps that we've decided to keep Nathan in preschool (which he loves) so that I can have some alone time with Bennett.  Everyone seems a little happier this way.

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