Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Baaaacckk!!!

Anyone miss me??  I know my sister has!!!  haha!

In the last month I've managed to break our DSLR camera (it's in the process of getting fixed) and dump a mug of coffee on our MacBook laptop.  So that's put a damper on blogging this summer. No pics and no computer to blog with.

Today I'm at work (bored) and decided to use my work computer to update everyone!

This summer has been great.  Here's a recap (sorry it's bulleted)

  • I started a new job and it's going great so far.  Things are slow (hence the blogging at work) but will pick up soon.
  • We went to Newfoundland for a week and did so many amazing things that they should really be their own blog post.
  • We celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary
  • Our best friends from Victoria have finally settled here in Ontario...and we love seeing them every weekend.
  • We're finishing our basement.  And by "we" I really mean the hubs.  He's been slaving away down there and actually enjoying it.  He's become quite the Mr. Fix-it lately.
  • This summer has been jam packed busy with festivals, hikes, friends, and exploring.
  • Nathan had his first haircut...again more on this later.
  • Nathan has grown leaps and bounds; both physically and intelectually.  He's becoming quite the little boy.  This again will be another post.

Okay, so that's mostly what we've been up to lately.  I have to say that as much as I've enjoyed summer I am SOOOOO excited that fall is here.  It's officially become my new favorite season.

I'll leave you with some instagram pics of our little guy.

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