Monday, July 23, 2012


I've been completely slacking when it comes to letting our little guy feed himself with a spoon or fork.  Usually we just cut up his food and let him go at it with just his fingers.  Well lately he's been showing obvious interest in eating with our utensils and he's surprisingly pretty darn good at it.

So this weekend, I gave him a spoon, a bowl of his oatmeal and just let him figure it out.  Not sure if this was the best method but it certainly was funny.

I love this look.  He's concentrating so hard (kid loves his food, what can I say).

Look mommy...I can do it:)

And, we're done with the spoon.  Takes too long.  This way is much faster....and way more fun!!!!

There's never an dull moment in our house with this kid around....seriously.  Sometimes I think he should have his own reality tv show!!!!

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