Sunday, October 30, 2011

A California Wedding

Sorry it's taken me so long to write my next post.  We've been on vacation for the past week and it's taken me a few days to get all my pics together.

Last Thursday we left for our first official vacation with Nathan.  He's been on a plane to Toronto before, but that was just to visit family.  Our friends from optometry school got married at the beautiful Terranea Resort, just outside of Los Angeles.  For those of you Bachelor fanatics like myself, the resort is also where Jason and Molly were married.  We spent three days at the resort and then we headed to Manhattan Beach where we rented a beach condo for another 4 days.  We stayed with another couple from optometry school and they have a 9 month old boy named Parker.  I'll show you some pics of the wedding first and later I'll post on the rest of the trip.

Here we are arriving at the resort.  We were greeted with some yummy champagne!!!

Then we all got cleaned up for the rehearsal dinner.  Hubs decided to take Nathan in the shower with him to speed up the process.  Plus it's always so hard to bathe a slippery infant when you don't have all of your 'baby bath accessories'.

Here we are the rehearsal dinner enjoying some wine, beer, rum and coke etc etc!!  haha!!!  Needless to say we had a great time.

And then we're off to bed at a reasonable hour.  The rest of the crew went to an after party but us new parents were in bed by 11:00 I believe.  Things certainly change with a baby.

The next day was the wedding.  It started out as a beautiful sunny day.  We even got to slip on our swim suits and lounge in the hot tub.  My hubby was a groomsman so us ladies (and babies) spent the rest of the day getting ready.  

Here is the view from the ceremony site.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately by the time the wedding came around, that warm sun turned to wind and cold.  But, it was nice while it lasted.

Here are the boys all pretty and ready to party.  We decided to hire a babysitter that was recommended by the resort.  I was a little nervous about letting a stranger watch Nathan and Parker but we were so close to them that we got to check on them multiple times throughout the night.  We took the boys to the ceremony but then hired the sitter for the cocktails and reception. 

We kept calling the weekend 'mamas gone wild' and you'll see why in the next couple of pics.
Mamas getting their groove on.....

What do you get when you cross new parents, a photo booth complete with props, and lots of free alcohol.......this!!  hehe

Night night everyone!!!!

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