Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Long overdue announcement....

Things are about to get a little crazy over here....

"Baby E" #2 is due to make his or her appearance on December 24, 2013...otherwise known as Christmas Eve.  We're all really excited for Santa Claus to bring a new addition to our family.  Well, Nathan seems excited but mommy and daddy are completely terrified of bringing a new life into our already crazy busy family.  Well, completely terrified but also completely excited.

Being pregnant the second time around is completely different than the first.  This time I'm so busy chasing Nathan around that I almost forget that I'm growing a real little human again.  Well, that is until I look down and see what looks like a basketball under my shirt.  

So here's a little summary of what's been happening lately:

How far along?   29 weeks today!!

Boy or Girl:  SURPRISE!!!  We're team green this time around.  

Total weight gain/loss:  Probably around 15lbs I'm guessing.  With my first pregnancy I only gained a total of 17lbs.  This time around I think it's going to be quite a bit more.  I blame cookies;)

Maternity clothes?  Unfortunately yes.  I'm rotating between 4-5 different work outfits and a couple of weekend outfits.  I'm already sick of everything but I'm trying not to buy anything else since I only have 10 weeks to go.

Stretch marks? Nope!!!  I didn't with Nathan either, so (touch wood) this time around will be the same.

Symptoms: Where should we start...how about with my least favorite...Breathing is becoming nearly impossible.  For some reason my lungs seriously won't cooperate with me until around 10:30 every morning.  This baby must be a giant for him/her to be compressing my lungs already.  Some of my other "enjoyable" symptoms lately include, charlie horses every night, back / tail bone pain, and sciatica.  

Sleep: I am sleeping okay.  Usually only getting up once per night to pee or because my darling little toddler still wakes up at night to come into our bed.

Best moment this week: My parents are visiting from Newfoundland and they are always the BEST BABYSITTERS EVER!!!  lol

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything? Wine, beer, my old clothes, my body, running, sleeping on my back. Sigh.  

Movement: For the past couple of weeks his/her movement has exponentially increased!!  This is by far the best part of pregnancy.  I love that my belly constantly looks like there's something alien dancing around in there.  

Food cravings: Still no cravings.  Just really enjoying cookies lately.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show yet: Most definitely!  I feel huge:)

So that's about it for now!!!

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