Sunday, June 24, 2012

The party..part 1

Nathan's birthday party was last Sunday.  We had 25 people at our house for a BBQ, drinks, and plenty of fun.  Most of the party consisted of adults (with a few exceptions) since we're new to the area and most of our friends with kids live elsewhere.  Nonetheless, Nathan had an absolute blast and was a total trooper with only being able to have one nap instead of his usual 2!!!!!

I wanted to post the 'decor' and theme of the party first.  Mainly because I'm not very crafty or creative and I was actually quite pleased with how everything turned out.

We did the Hungry Caterpillar Theme for 2 reasons:  1) Nathan loves the book (and so do mommy and daddy) and 2) I thought it would be super cute for a 1 year party since I had lots of ideas from pinterest.

This was the favor / present table.  For party favors we did boxes of jelly bellies for the adults and loot bags for the kids.

We had a BBQ complete with sliders, mini hotdogs, and cold salads.  On the main food table we also had an assortment of food based on the book: cupcakes, watermelon, apples, pears, lollipops, pickles, cheese and the list goes on and on.....

We had an amazing cake (with a train of cupcakes) made by a local bakery (idea from pinterest) and she did a fantastic job!!!

 We played a slide show of Nathan on the "big screen" packed with our favorite pictures.  I still can't believe how much he's changed over the past year.

 I didn't get to take all the pics that I wanted since my DSLR camera decided to go ka-put right before the party, so most pics are from my amazing sis (thanks Auntie Renee).

Our guests were dispersed throughout the house as well as in our "shoe-box" of a backyard.  

Overall, I love how everything turned out.  I'm such a procrastinator and the day before the party and the morning of were a little stressful (okay, a lot stressful) but was well worth the anxiety!!!!

Next up, the party itself including pics of the little guy!!!

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