Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday weekend Part 1

Friday was the BIG birthday.  And when I say BIG birthday, what I really mean is that it was Nathan's first birthday, and it was also his mommy's birthday (aka my birthday).  In case you're new to the blog, Nathan was actually born on my birthday....what this means however, is that I will likely never have another birthday.  It's okay though, because I love my boo so much, I'm willing to share all of the attention with him:)

We planned the party for Sunday but we still wanted to celebrate on Friday so we took the fam to the Toronto zoo.  It's been over 20 years since I've been to a zoo so I was really pumped to go.  Plus, I was excited to see Nathan's reaction to all of the animals.

The weekend was extra special because my family flew in from Newfoundland...nanny, aunt Renee, and Uncle Todd were all there for the action.

I think the giraffes were all of our favorites because we could get so close to them.  Nathan just kept staring at them.

Then the boo started getting a little sleepy so he decided to go for a nap in his stroller (something he rarely does these days).

 Then we headed back with the entire family and had a BBQ at our house...complete with some yummy carrot cake (my favorite).  Nathan seemed less than impressed that he couldn't dive into the cake right away and had to actually wait for the happy birthday song....geez.

 Overall, we had a great day and I'm so glad we did this.  I can't wait to share all of these pics and memories with our little guy one day.

Next up....the party and the 12 month post (can you believe it??).

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